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Active Bath Lift Belt Lift

Active Bath Lift Belt Lift



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£810.00 inc VAT
£675.00 exc VAT

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With or Without Back Rest: With Back Rest ( + £275.00 )
Without Back Rest  


Active Bath Lift Belt Lift

The Bath Lift Belt is powered by a fully rechargeable battery pack eliminating electrical connection to the mains when in use, which in our opinion could be potentially dangerous even if a transformer were used. Simple to use, the Bath Belt will make getting in and out of the bath effortless.
At the touch of a button, the bath lift will lower you TO THE VERY BOTTOM OF YOUR BATH and then raise you back out again when finished bathing. The seating band can then be retracted back into the wall mounted unit, freeing the bath for other users.
Then neatly concealed  battery pack has a Battery Indicator showing lights in red and green, an audible alarm warns of a low battery and is easily removable for overnight charging . Stainless steel is used to fabricate the interior of the cabinet to provide improved corrosion resistance. To avoiding the risk of entering a bath which is too hot, an integral thermometer will check the water temperature for you
The Bath Belt is available with an adjustable BACK REST which gives support when getting onto the belt and lowering into the bath. The BACK REST is adjustable and when it is moved to the back of the bath, it can be used as a headrest. 
  • Thermometer: The unit has a thermometer to test the temperature of the water.
  • Power: Two 12 volt rechargeable lead acid batteries provide a 24 volt DC supply to the motor. Indicator lights in green and red shows the battery is in operation and the battery condition.
  • Battery Charger: A managed 24 volt 300MA charger is provided.
  • Maximum load: 127 kg (20 stone)
  • Controls: "UP" and "DOWN" buttons are located on the front of the bath lift. A sealed hand control with "UP" and "DOWN" buttons is also provided.
  • Belt Reversal: The Bath Belt is designed with an anti-belt reversal mechanism.
  • Handle: An integral handle is provided but this can be removed or re-sited as required.
  • Belt: Reinforced Polypropylene
  • Dimensions: The unit is slim and fits neatly at the side of the bath. The length is 55.5cm (22"), the height is 32.5cm (12 3/4") and the depth is 11.8cm (4.6") Belt width 36cm (14")
  • Easy to fit
  • Battery powered NOT mains Electricity
  • Remote control as standard
  • Thermometer for water temperature
  • Does not obstruct the bath
  • Provides independence for those that find the bath difficult to enter or leave.
How Does It Work?
  1. Feed out the belt and locate it on the floor mounting  bar and tension using the hand set.
  2. Sit on the belt and by using the hand set be gently lowered into the bath.
  3. Relax and enjoy the luxury of a good soak on the bottom of your bath.
  4. Using your handset gently raise yourself out of the bath.
Fitting to a solid brick wall with sound tile or plaster finish. The wall plate has six projecting studs which have provisions for screws, bolts or other suitable fixings to pass through the centre of the stud to secure the wall plate firmly to the wall.
The chassis back plate is machined with six keyhole slots which allow this steel plate to slot tightly down over the projecting studs. Both plates should finally be fit together flush and level at the bottom edge. The bath lift should finally be fitted 130mm from the top of the bath to the centre of the first line of securing screws. Floor mounting bar then to be fitted to the floor.
Because it is imperative that the installation is carried out safely and correctly, it is strongly recommended that this work be undertaken by an experienced professional familiar with building construction.

Mfg Info

Manufacturer: AMC

Model code: CRMANBATH

Barcode / EAN: Sorry, either this product doesn't have a barcode or we don't have one available.

Manufacturer Info
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by Alan F

A really good product which has helped my mum loads but the service from Active Mobility was brilliant . Up front pricing no hard sell and kept well informed all the way . I bought this for my mum and while searching we came across some very unprofessional sales tactics , one company took just under £1600.00 from my mum for the exact same product , scandalous behaviour and we still await the refund 2 weeks on . Some companies wouldn\'t even give a price without a home visit just so they could push for a sale , not good at all , for these reasons I highly recommend Active Mobility .


by Susan Y

Love it! At last I can reach the bottom of the bath safely. Not too much trouble to install and well worth the money.


by Janet L

I ordered the bath lift after trying with another company who offered to install. Received their quote after I’d seen the ad for Active Mobility. I was horrified that they wanted £1,300 for installation. I ordered from Active Mobility and the item was delivered before time quoted and my husband was able to install it himself in 2 hours from start to finish without any problems. So delighted and considerably better off than if I’d gone with the original supplier. Makes me angry to think some companies take advantage of people. Thank you Active Mobility and I am delighted to recommend to anyone who needs Mobility aids.


by Roy M

Good morning/afternoon, Would you please get a message to \"Tracey\" for me. Will you tell her, I have just received the new \"Front Cover\", as a replacement for the one that is broken on the \"Active Bath Lift\", that we have just purchased. What a service you have done! I only spoke to Tracey yesterday, and it is here today, just 24 hours later! Thanks again for all your help, I am going to get the item fitted some time over the next few days. Please let me know, if the company that supplied everything, wants the old damaged cover back? I will keep the box and packing for some time, but can you let me know if they want it back, or not, and I will dispose of it if necessary. Thanks again for your fantastic help. Best regards .


by Rita M

Very good service, very good price. When I received the item it had been damaged in the manufacturing process, in 2 days I had a replacement part and was able to fit the Active Lift, fantastic service by Active Mobile staff. One fault (not Active Mobility's) there are "No Screws Supplied" for fitting? The manufacturer tells you the sizes required in the leaflet supplied with the Lift, why not enclose a £1 worth of screws to make the kit complete? ? Overall very satisfied. Thanks very much.


by Antoni K

first class bath lift and easy to fit promt delivery


by David L

Sensible product, clear website entry. For a product with no variables, everyone will surely pick the cheapest available.


by Margaret C

Cancelled bath belt from another company with fitting and at three times the price.
Bought from you which was exactly the same piece of kit
My husband fitted it without too much trouble and it works perfectly. I have MS and a dodgy knee so it is invaluable.
I can now enjoy a bath for the first time in ages and would highly recommend this company for a great product and prompt service.


by Jennie S

Very good product. Very good price. Easy fixing. I saved £2,000 on a quote I had from bath band company. Would def recommend..


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