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Book Stands & Holders

Active Mobility Centre stocks a small range of stands and holders for your books and newspapers. These are designed to be used at a table or whilst seated in your wheelchair. If you are looking for an over bed or over chair table on which to use these stands, then you can find them in this section.

These stands are perfect for those who have limited movement in their hands and wrists - especially helpful for arthiritis sufferers. All of our book stands are adjustable to whichever angle suits you best.

Adjustable Book Holder
Adjustable Book Holder
Whether you're reading for pleasure, or using it to balance sheets of paper on while working on your computer, this holder will reduce both eye and neck strain. Say goodbye to the discomfort and frustration - say hello to your new adjustable book holder.
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Book and Magazine Stand
Book and Magazine Stand
This lightweight, but very stable book stand holds a book or magazines open and upright for reading without using the hands, and can also be placed over the knees. Supplied with a book clip which is used to hold pages open, follow text or as a bookmark. It is also foldable for easy storage.
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Hold It Floor Standing Book/Laptop Holder
Hold It Floor Standing Book/Laptop Holder
This product is eligible for VAT Relief
Introducing the revolutionary new floor standing bookholder, laptop support and writing stand in one! Enjoy either hands-free reading on the sofa, in bed to relieve aching neck and back or hands, or use your laptop in the ergonomically approved position either sitting down, standing up, or lying down.
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