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Jay Care Wheelchair Cushion

Jay Care Wheelchair Cushion

Jay jaycare


This product is eligible for VAT Relief

£447.60 inc VAT
£373.00 exc VAT

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Available Options:
Replacement Cover: With Replacement Cover ( + £50.96 )
Size; Width X Depth: 16x17 inch (40x43 cm)  
16x19 inch (40x48 cm)  
18x17 inch (45x43 cm)  
18x19 inch (45x49 cm)  
20x19 inch (50x49 cm) ( + £41.50 )


Designed specifically with the needs of the elderly user in mind, the Jay Care wheelchair cushion has a number of features that make it an essential purchase.
It has a contoured shape that encourages positioning and stability. Its "Fluid Tripad" ensures fluid remains under the lower pelvis (helping both support and comfort), and is made of material that protects thighs while providing an incontinence resistant casing.
Being a one piece sealed system (with the exception of its washable cover), it is easy to clean and maintenance free - something less to worry about!
Height 9.6cm (3 3/4")
Max user weight 113kg (17 3/4st)
Weight 3.3 - 4.1kg (7 1/4 - 9lb)

Contoured Foam Base with Extended Well and JAY Flow Fluid Tripad

The Care's extended well accommodates the "sacral sitting" position common with fixed posterior pelvic tilt postures. Designed for use on sling upholstery, a reinforced, curved bottom reduces the "hammocking" effect of upholstery, keeping the sitting surface level. Its integrated JAY Flow fluid pad conforms to each individual's shape and ensures proper fluid placement beneath bony prominences to help protect the skin from breakdown.

Two Covers Included

Two covers are included with the Care cushion. The backup cover allows for continued use and protection of the base when the other cover is being washed

Product Features:

  • Contoured shape for symmetrical positioning and both forward/rearward and lateral stability
  • "Fluid Tripad" incorporates three sections to ensure fluid remains under ischials with Jay Flow also protecting thighs and acting as incontinence resistant casing
  • Longer seat well to accommodate sacral sitter
  • Bevelled base for use with sling seat, impermeable and non-skid bottom
  • Washable stretch cover
  • One piece sealed system (except cover) so is easy to clean and re-apply to new clients

Clinical Application:

  • Sacral sitter with symmetrical posture requiring moderate postural support
  • Moderate risk of skin breakdown
  • Can perform an independent weight shift




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Model code: jaycare

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