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Jay 2 Deep Contour Wheelchair Cushion

Jay 2 Deep Contour Wheelchair Cushion

Jay jay2


This product is eligible for VAT Relief

£606.00 inc VAT
£505.00 exc VAT

Please choose one of the following options:

Available Options:
Replacement Cover: With Replacement Cover ( + £62.60 )
Without Replacement Cover  
Cover Type: Air-Exchange  
Size; Width X Depth: 14 x 14 inch  
14x16 inch (35x40 cm)  
15 x 15 inch  
15 x 17 inch  
16x16 inch (40x40 cm)  
16x18 inch (40x45 cm)  
16x20 inch (40x50 cm) ( + £57.87 )
17 x 15 inch  
17x17 inch (43x43 cm)  
18x16 inch (45x40 cm)  
18x18 inch (45x45 cm)  
18x20 inch (45x50 cm) ( + £57.87 )
20x16 inch (50x45 cm) ( + £57.87 )
20x18 inch (50x45 cm) ( + £57.87 )
20x20 inch (50x50 cm) ( + £103.74 )
22x16 inch (55x40 cm) ( + £103.74 )
22x18 inch (55x45 cm) ( + £93.00 )
24 x 18 inch ( + £138.68 )


Any wheelchair purchase is significant, but it particularly important to make the right choice when considering the right wheelchair cushion for your own protection. 
If you are at extremely high risk for skin breakdown, the Jay J2 Deep Contour wheelchair cushion might be the right choice.
Jay's own 3D Jay Flow fluid tri-pad provides the Jay J2 Deep Contour Cushions with the deep immersion required to make it almost impossible to bottom out.

With all of the usual Jay features; including firm easy to modify base, anatomically correct well, and zero maintenance design - this cushion has been designed for the user with extreme long term risk of skin breakdown and symmetrical to aggressive postural needs.

Contoured, Easy to Modify Base


  • Firm base; anatomically correct well
  • Carveable base for build-ups, cut outs and customisation
  • Jay Deep fluid tripad with soft foam overlay
  • Wide range of postural support accessories
  • Air exchange cover as standard, incontinence resistant cover and solid seat inserts are options

Clinical Application:

  • Designed for the client with extreme long term risk of skin breakdown and symmetrical to aggressive postural needs
  • Unable to weight shift or reposition


Width: 36 - 61 cm
Depth: 36 -51 cm
Height Front: 10.2 cm
Height Rear: 10.2 cm
User Weight: 150 kg
Product Weight Min: 2.3 kg
Product Weight Max: 5.4 kg
Cushion Type: Firm foam base+ Jay Flow fluid
Cover Type: Microclimatic and Incontinence (optional)



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Model code: jay2

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