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Dycem Non-Slip Material

Dycem Non-Slip Material

Patterson Medical AA6854A
EAN: 5028318032976


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Colour: Blue  
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Size: A  
B ( + £9.78 )
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E ( + £100.26 )
F ( + £161.28 )


Dycem Non-Slip Material

These Dycem non slip reels (choose your preferred size when ordering) are made from a unique, non-slip material that is able to grip on both sides to prevent movement - without sticking to the surface that its being used on.
This makes it ideal for a whole range of situations and problems faced by those with limited dexterity, restricted mobility or reduced wrist and upper limb strength.
The Dycem non slip material can be used to cover large areas to make them accident free zones, or cut to size and shape to hold plates in the kitchen, keep telephones on desks, and everything else in between.
  • (Length x Width)
  • 'A'  1m x 200mm (3' 3" x 8")
  • 'B'  1m x 400mm (3' 3" x 16")
  • 'C'  2m x 200mm (6' 6" x 8")
  • 'D'  2m x 400mm (6'6" x 16")
  • 'E'  9m x 200mm (10yds x 8")
  • 'F'  9m x 400mm (10yds x 16")

Mfg Info

Manufacturer: Patterson Medical

Model code: AA6854A

Barcode / EAN: 5028318032976

Manufacturer Info
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by James T

Excellent material. Cut a square and stick it to the kitchen work top and the chopping board stay put!!
I have full mobility with arms and hands but this has saved many a cut finger due to holding firm the board when preparing veggies..


by E J

Excellent stuff. Very versatile. I used it on a table to stop everything from being knocked off it.