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Jay Easy Fluid Cushion

Jay Easy Fluid Cushion

Jay jewwddf


This product is eligible for VAT Relief

£340.80 inc VAT
£284.00 exc VAT

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Available Options:
Cover Type: Incontinent  
Size; Width X Depth: 25 x 25cm  
25 x 30cm  
30 x 25cm  
30 x 30cm  
30 x 35cm  
35cm x 30cm  
35cm x 35cm  
35cm x 40cm  
35cm x 46cm  
38cm x 40cm  
38cm x 42cm  
38cm x 44cm  
40cm x 40cm  
40cm x 42cm  
40cm x 44cm  
40cm x 46cm  
42cm x 40cm  
42cm x 42cm  
42cm x 44cm  
42cm x 46cm  
44cm x 40cm  
44cm x 42cm  
44cm x 44cm  
44cm x 46cm  
46cm x 42cm  
46cm x 44cm  
46cm x 44cm  
46cm x 50cm  
48cm x 42cm  
48cm x 44cm  
48cm x 46cm  
48cm x 50cm  
50cm x 42cm  
50cm x 46cm  
50cm x 50cm  
56cm x 46cm  
56cm x 50cm  
56cm x 56cm  
60cm x 46cm  
60cm x 50cm  
60cm x 56cm  
60cm x 60cm  
Base: Curved Base  
Flat Base  


Lightweight while providing a high comfort and stability level; the Jay Easy Fluid wheelchair cushion. 
Provided with either an incontinence or microclimatic cover, the Jay Easy come with the usual high quality features you'd expect from Jay, including a sacral notch, and a bevelled rear (making it easy to pass between backrest posts).
Suitable perhaps for users with a moderate to high risk of skin breakdown and shear, the Jay Easy Fluid also has a built-in medial and lateral thigh support to promote optimal thigh positioning.
A choice of flat or bevelled bases for solid base or sling seats are also available.

JAY Flow® Fluid Tripad

The JAY Flow® Fluid Tripad provides pressure relief and shear reduction for users who are at moderate risk for skin breakdown.

Curved Or Flat Base

The JAY Easy cushion comes in either a curved base (for use on a seat sling) or a flat base (for use on a solid seat pan or in combination with a solid insert). This option insures that the cushion maintains stability on any of these seating surfaces.



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Model code: jewwddf

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by Bryan F

Prompt delivery. Carefully packaged. Its a replacement for an one that is 2 years old but still in good condition an excellent product. Good value for money , reliable and highly recommended


by Christos A

Excellent quality item and fast delivery within Europe.
Customer from Greece.