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Jay Easy Visco Cushion

Jay Easy Visco Cushion

Jay JEVwwddF


This product is eligible for VAT Relief

£158.40 inc VAT
£132.00 exc VAT

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Available Options:
Spare Cover: With Spare Cover ( + £51.00 )
Without Spare Cover  
Base: Curved Base  
Flat Base  
Size; Width X Depth: 25cm x 25cm  
25cm x 30cm  
30cm x 25cm  
30cm x 30cm  
30cm x 35cm  
35cm x 30cm  
35cm x 35cm  
35cm x 40cm  
38cm x 40cm  
38cm x 42cm  
38cm x 44cm  
40cm x 40cm  
40cm x 42cm  
40cm x 44cm  
40cm x 46cm  
42cm x 40cm  
42cm x 42cm  
42cm x 44cm  
42cm x 46cm  
44cm x 40cm  
44cm x 42cm  
44cm x 44cm  
44cm x 46cm  
46cm x 42cm  
46cm x 44cm  
46cm x 50cm  
46cm x 50cm  
48cm x 42cm  
48cm x 44cm  
48cm x 46cm  
48cm x 50cm  
50cm x 42cm  
50cm x 46cm  
50cm x 50cm  
50cm x 56cm  
56cm x 46cm  
56cm x 50cm  
56cm x 56cm  
60cm x 46cm  
60cm x 50cm  
60cm x 60cm  
60cm x 60cm  


If you require moderate positioning and posture relief from your wheelchair cushion, perhaps the Jay Easy Visco cushion is for you.
It is an economical cushion that's suitable for those at moderate risk of developing pressure sores. The Jay Easy Visco has a flat base for use on a solid seat pan, or can be used in combination with a solid insert. This makes sure that the cushion maintains stability.
Featuring a notch at the rear of the cushion base to make a perfect fit, this cushion prevents tissue breakdown around the coccyx caused by bouncing or awkward tilt.

Curved Or Flat Base

The JAY Easy cushion comes in either a curved base (for use on a seat sling) or a flat base (for use on a solid seat pan or in combination with a solid insert). This option insures that the cushion maintains stability on any of these seating surfaces.

Moisture-Resistant Cover with No-Slip Bottom

A moisture-resistant cover assists with incontinence management by protecting the Easy's foam base from moisture build-up. Its no-slip surface keeps the cushion in place during daily use and transfers.


Width: 25 - 60 cm
Depth: 25 - 60 cm
Height Front: 6.3 cm
Height Rear: 6.3 cm
User Weight: 150 kg
Product Weight Min: 0.50 kg
Product Weight Max: 2.70 kg
Cushion Type: Viscoelastic foam



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Model code: JEVwwddF

Barcode / EAN: Sorry, either this product doesn't have a barcode or we don't have one available.

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by Caroline M

Excellent cushion. very comfortable. thank you for your efficient service.