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Jive Up Standing Electric Wheelchair

Jive Up Standing Electric Wheelchair

Sunrise Medical Quickie Jive Up


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Jive Up Standing Electric Wheelchair

The first time you experience a Quickie Jive Up, it all becomes clear. It‘s a powerchair that effortlessly blends indoor agility with outdoor high performance.

With an ultra-small turning circle, excellent indoor and outdoor handling and superb suspension through SpiderTrac®, the Jive Up provides superior ride comfort over any terrain, ideal for those who want a great all-round powerchair.

With a simple touch of a button, be eye-to-eye with the world around you and enjoy all of the benefits of a standing wheelchair - combined with the freedom and independence that only the Jive Up can provide.

The Benefits of Standing
The Jive Up allows you to stand whenever you want and offers many benefits for your health and lifestyle.
Improved pressure relief for those who may have limited ability to independently weight shift or have to sit for long periods.
  • Enhanced function and ability to reach and access your environment.
  • Improved range of motion and a reduction of the risk of contractures.
  • Supporting vital organ capacity including: pulmonary, bowel and bladder function and improves circulation.
  • Promoting bone health and reducing the occurrence of skeletal deformities by encouraging standing.
  • Reducing abnormal muscle tone and spasticity

Choose Your Seat Position
The Jive Up provides 5 memory positions: transfer, relax, stand up, sitting and lie down - easily accessible through the joystick or the 5 button switch box. Also, these positions can be altered at the touch of a button so if anything changes you have the peace of mind that your Jive Up will change with you!
Jive Up Seating Positions 
Superior Manoeuvrability
As you don‘t need to consider additional space for swinging your chair around, the Jive Up is more intuitive to drive – ideal for those who may have difficulty driving a powered wheelchair or using switches or head controls. Your seated position also adds more weight on the drive wheel – perfect for increasing traction and decreasing sliding when outdoors.

Excellent indoor Manoeuvrability
As the centre-of-rotation is located directly beneath you, the Jive Up can turn on its own axis, giving an ultra small turning circle for excellent manoeuvrability around the home. Navigating through doorways, lifts and confined spaces also becomes easier with the Jive‘s compact dimensions. The low seat height of 430 mm (with tilt module) helps with access under tables and transportation within vehicles whilst a 90° leg angle ensures good leg positioning.

Great Outdoor Performance
Don’t forget – you’re equally at home outdoors with Jive Up. With its SpiderTrac suspension, you‘re assured a smooth ride over uneven terrain with superb traction, excellent stability and minimal forward pitching - even when descending 10 cm kerbs! With speeds of up to 13 kph (8 mph), powerful 60Ah or 70Ah batteries and a range of up to 40 km, high performance power is always at your fingertips. Controlling that power are expandable control systems (with optional R-Net modules) that are ready to interact with the 9 world around you.

Spidertrac Technology
Smooth, safe and comfortable ride across multiple terrains. The innovative SpiderTrac® suspension provides many benefits with one mechanism. The SpiderTrac® gas suspension system absorbs all those bumps as you travel along - delivering possibly the smoothest ride on the market - even on uneven terrain.
SpiderTrac® delivers gradual, smooth and stable descent down kerbs of up to 100mm (4").

High torque motors mean you‘ll effortlessly climb slopes of up to 10% and power over rough, rugged terrain with ease. The seating position also adds more weight to the drive wheel, perfect for increasing traction and stability, and decreasing sliding when outdoors.
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Technical Details:
  • Max. user weight: 120 kg (18½ Stone)
  • Caster wheel options: drive wheels 356mm (14”) / castor 152mm (6”) 
  • Seat width: 400mm – 500mm (15½" - 19½")
  • Seat depth: 400mm – 520mm (15½" - 20¼")
  • Seat angle: 0° – 22°
  • Backrest angle: 90° – 175°
  • Seat memory functions: Sitting, Stand-up, Lie-down, Relax, Transfer
  • Max. speed: 6 kph (4 mph), 10 kph (6 mph), 13 kph (8 mph)
  • Battery size: 60Ah and 70Ah
  • Max. dynamic stability: 10° (18%)
  • Overall width: 630mm (24½")
  • Turning radius: Max. 910mm (35½")
  • Max. range (ISO 7176-4): 32 km (40 km with 70Ah battery)
  • Max. kerb climbing: 100mm (4")
  • Colour choices: red, blue or white
  • Transport (ISO 7176-19): 4 Point tie-down system
Prices start from £17,105.00 for more details and customisation please contact a member of our team on 01642 805050 or email:
Go Configure! 
The Jive Up offers a wide range of options to enable you to configure the wheelchair to your individual needs, for example:
  • Jay Comfort Seating - This comes as standard and is a range of cushion and back options which provide great support.
  • Powered Legrest with Knee Fixation Pads - The powered legrest offers a programmable length and angle adjustment for all seat operations. The knee fixation pads are required when a stand-up operation is conducted.
  • LED Lights and Indicators - Be seen with the Jive Ups LED bright lights and indicators integrated into the rear body panel for subtle styling.
  • Anti Shear Backrest - The Jive Up has a actuator operated 120mm anti shear backrest. It reduces negative shear forces and compensates for the relative movements of head rests, laterals and chin controls etc. during recline.
The Jive up also features:
  • Easy to Service - It has a low maintenance and service friendly base. Get easy battery or electrical components access with the automatic snap-in seat stay mechanism.
  • Strong 4-Pole Motors - The Jive Up comes always with powerful 4-pole motors. It is available as 6 kph, 10 kph and 13 kph version.
  • The Jive Up is transit tested in accordance with ISO 7176-19 and approved for transportation in a vehicle. The tests are conducted with a four-point tie-down system.


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Sunrise Medical Quickie Jive Up


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