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Flexyfoot Folding Walking Stick

Flexyfoot Folding Walking Stick

Flexyfoot FS302


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Colour: Black  


Flexyfoot Folding Walking Stick

Our folding walking stick is the latest to join the Flexyfoot range. Design led, yet ergonomic and comfortable to use,  this folding walking stick has our oval handle and Flexyfoot ferrule fitted as standard.  Easily adjustable, the folding design also makes this walking stick easy to transport when you are not needing to use it. But quite frankly, why would you not want to use it!
Why Choose Flexyfoot?
Flexyfoot is an award-winning new type of rubber ferrule that fits onto the tip of your walking stick or crutches. It is a British invention and is suitable for people of all age, shape, and size. By replacing the brass or rubber tips on your sticks or crutches with our ergonomic and flexible Flexyfoot ferrule, you will not only extend the life of your walking aid but you’ll also benefit from less pain and discomfort and feel more safe and secure as you walk.
The Flexyfoot is a direct replacement for your old brass or rubber ferrule and brings many additional benefits. These include absorbing the shock of impact from constantly placing the stick into contact with the ground (thereby reducing stress on your wrists and arms), offering superior grip on slippery surfaces and increasing your range of movement.
Flexyfoot Replacement Tip
When your Flexyfoot Extra is worn, you can replace the foot. The Flexyfoot Extra foot is especially suitable for crutches. It has two fitted rings for extra suspension for very active and full weight-bearing users. It can be fitted to any Flexyfoot collar and comes with a grey or black tread, collar not included. To view the replacement tip click here.

Black or blue with Flexyfoot decorative pattern.
  • Max User weight 130Kg / (20 1/2st).

  • Adjustable between 720mm and 870mm (28 in and 34 in) – Suitable for people up to approximately 5ft 8in tall (1.7M) depending on arm and leg length.
  • Folds into three pieces, folded length 360mm (14 in).
  • To view our Felxyfoot Ferrules click here


View Flexyfoot video below

Mfg Info

Manufacturer: Flexyfoot

Model code: FS302

Barcode / EAN: Sorry, either this product doesn't have a barcode or we don't have one available.

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