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Grippit Writing Aid Pack of Three

Grippit Writing Aid Pack of Three

Grippit grippit
EAN: 610696081070


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Grippit Writing Aid Pack of Three

The user places a finger or thumb in the larger ring of this pencil grip and the implement to be gripped fits inside the smaller ring. The pencil grip is now in the correct position and angle, leaving the user to apply only a small amount of force to control it.
By removing most of the requirement for gripping ability, the Grippit pencil grip brings the use of many everyday implements to a wider range of people and leaves them able to perform common tasks such as writing without assistance.
Normally for right-handed persons, the right index finger is slipped through the expandable finger ring and is worn high on the finger. Best results can be experienced if the pencil grip is worn near to the wearer’s knuckle. 

Mfg Info

Manufacturer: Grippit

Model code: grippit

Barcode / EAN: 610696081070

Manufacturer Info
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by Rita K

Hi I bought the Grippit and its fab. I can now write and even paint with much better control. RJ


by Jane K

I bought the Grippits as I have difficulty holding a pen because I have arthritis. I cannot believe the difference. I am using it now with a pen to type in this message and I use it to paint pictures,which is my passion. Thank you.