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Induction Loops

It can be difficult for people with impaired hearing to listen to the television or radio via a receiver, even with the use of hearing aids. A hearing induction loop system allows the person to receive sound straight into their hearing aid, allowing for much greater effectiveness and better enjoyment. The systems we offer are intended to deliver excellent sound quality and eliminate background noise as well.

These induction loop systems give the user a much better sound experience, and at Active Mobility UK you can be sure that our expertly trained staff will be able to assist you in making your choice. They can be fully portable, allowing you to be as active around the home as possible whilst still being able to listen in on your favourite shows.

Crescendo Hearing Induction Loop
Crescendo Hearing Induction Loop
This hearing system is ideal to use for listening to TV, radio, hifi or for conversation when wearing a hearing aid switched to the T setting. Amplifies sound without changing volume for other family members.
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