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SAD Light Therapy Pad

SAD Light Therapy Pad

Patterson Medical 091170141
EAN: 5028318901142


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SAD Light Therapy Pad

Ordinary lighting in buildings can’t make up for the reduction in natural sunlight that we all face during the shorter days of winter months. However, this SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) light therapy pad provides a way to make up for this lack of light.
The SAD light therapy pad is simple to use – just set it up in your workplace or home, connect to the mains and that’s it! You’re good to go. It uses a blue spectrum light tube that simulates natural daylight, and is a practical and easy way to benefit from light therapy.
Light therapy has been in use for over a decade to help ease symptoms associated with Seasonal Affective Disorder, insomnia, skin complaints (such as exzyma), and more. This item is provided with its own stand, and a 12V Digital Switching Power Supply allowing you to use it anywhere in the world!
  • Width 205mm (8")
  • Height 120mm (4 3/4")
  • Depth 40mm (1 1/2")

Mfg Info

Manufacturer: Patterson Medical

Model code: 091170141

Barcode / EAN: 5028318901142

Manufacturer Info
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