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Uriwell - Unisex Expandable Urinal
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    Uriwell - Unisex Expandable Urinal

    Do you dread being ‘caught short’ in a traffic jam, or miles from a loo? Or perhaps you have a toddler who constantly “needs a wee”. Keep one of these reusable Urinals in your glove box or handbag and never worry again. 
    The size of coke can, the device can be used by men, women and children and expands when necessary. A tight lid ensures no spills. Already used extensively in hospitals, the Uriwell is ideal for travelling, camping, boating, concerts, wheelchair users, toddlers etc.
    The patented corrugated shape allows it to expand and retract as needed and gives it flexibility to adapt to any comfortable position. It has a secure airtight flip top closure so there is no chance of spillage and keeps odour under control.
    • 750ml
    Available in two models
    • Blue Uriwell
    • Frog Head Happy Pee

    by Patrick B

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