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Anti-Pressure Mattress
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    Anti-Pressure Mattress

    A simple, effective solution, this modular foam anti-pressure mattress can help reduce the risk of pressure sores and other problems related to lying horizontal for long periods- and of course, it can make life a lot more comfortable for those who spend a long time in bed.
    This mattress comes with a vapour-permeable cover to reduce any feelings of sweatiness and cut down overheating. It also wipes clean for easy maintenance and hygiene. Although the image shown above is of the single option, a double anti-pressure mattress is also available- just select the size option you need.
    • Single size: 198cm x 91cm x 15.2cm
    • Double size 198cm x 137cm x 15.2cm

    by Jim R

    We were looking for a firm but very light mattress and this fills the bill perfectly, we see now why they use them in hospitals. A great nights sleep as well.