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Book and Magazine Stand
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    Book and Magazine Stand

    This lightweight, but very stable book stand holds a book or magazines open and upright for reading without using the hands, and can also be placed over the knees. Supplied with a book clip which is used to hold pages open, follow text or as a bookmark. It is also foldable for easy storage.

    by Romayne W

    I used this while in hospital recently because I have nerve entrapment in my arms/hands, and have to say it was really quite good. Did have a lot of problems though with the metal 'arm' bookmark idea - made it quite awkward to get pages held where it wasn't in the way at some point and needing shifted, which if you only had one hand to hold it, was extremely difficult. I think the holder is ok on its own perhaps, but I'd use a different type of bookmark with it to make it worthwhile investing in. :)