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Molly Bather Bath Lift

Molly Bather Bath Lift

Mollybather 091228238


This product is eligible for VAT Relief

£990.00 inc VAT
£825.00 exc VAT

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Available Options:
Extender Grab Rail: Without Extender Grab Rail  
With Extender Grab Rail ( + £40.00 )
Belt Length: Standard  
Extra Long ( + £30.00 )
Wall Fittings: Solid Wall  
Stud Wall  
Under Window  


Molly Bather Bath Lift

The Molly Bather bath lift allows you to use the whole length and depth of your existing bath. Sitting on the padded seat makes transferring across to the belt easy and safe. Simply retract the belt into the seat to return to normal bathing. Rechargeable battery operation means no mains electrics in the bathroom. To charge the battery simply flip back the seat and lift the battery out and plug into the charger. A slip mat comes as standard and helps with adjusting position as the belt lowers you into the water.
With five styles of mounting bracket (left or right handed) there is always a suitable option for your installation. Suitable for solid or stud walls or under windows
The Molly Bather is one of the most versatile belt bath lifts available. It allows you to use all of the length, width and depth of your existing bath tub. The bath lift is crafted from satin aluminium and stainless steel, designed to last for many trouble-free years.It allows you to use all of the length, width and depth of your existing bath tub. 
The unique slip cushion which has been developed which allows the user to stay central on the belt. The padded cushion uses a special closed cell foam, therefore any liquid is repelled. It is also machine washable.
  • The belt can be unclipped from the grab rail, so others can enjoy a normal bath
  • A range of sturdy grab rails 
  • Getting into the bath is very safe and easy using the padded transfer stool
  • Lift yourself gently in and out of the bath at the touch of a button
  • The bath lift is powered by a rechargeable battery pack (located under the seat)
  • The height-adjustable stool is ideal for you to dry yourself in comfort
  • Belt width 28cm (11")  Anti shuffle cushion width 33cm (13")
  • Stool height adjustable 46-58cm (18-23") Width 46cm (18") Depth 20cm (8")
  • Height of standard grab rail above bath 18cm (7") Length including brackets 40cm (16") Extender arm increases length to 67cm (26")
  • Standard belt will fit bath widths 65-85cm (25-33")     Extra long belt will fit baths up to 105cm (45")
  • Maximum user weight 140kg (22st)


Optional extras

Extender grab bar which provides additional support and can be fitted left or right handed.

Extra long belt

Please note that the grab bar featured in the video has now been replaced with the one shown in the main picture. 

Mfg Info

Manufacturer: Mollybather

Model code: 091228238

Barcode / EAN: Sorry, either this product doesn't have a barcode or we don't have one available.

Manufacturer Info
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by Sheila A

a great help nice and easy to use.It\'s a pitty the seat does\'nt retract completey


by Barry H

Dear Duncan

bath lift fitted very well and in use.

As I mentioned the studs were in the wrong place and I had to install with one between the two side plates.
I had a 9” wide board on the other side of the stud wall [ in the bedroom] and cut threaded studding 5” with nuts to fix.
However managed to crack two tiles above bath. because of need to get nuts tight.

Would suggest in similar situation that there ought to be a plate available, predrilled to take the two side plates, that was strong enough not to flex, possibly by having the top and bottom edges upturned.[about 1/8 should be enough] and then not be proud of the plates. that would mean that any flexing would be on the other side of the stud wall.

hope this is of help

J B Horne
16 St Peters mount


by Janette D

Quality item and aids bathing problems.would have been 5stars but delivery over stated time given by a few days


by Paul S

Great product