Roho Smartcheck

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Roho Smartcheck

Roho Smartcheck

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Smart Check® by ROHO® is a cushion feedback system that is intended to assist the user by saving an inflation range during cushion setup.

During subsequent inflation level checks, Smart Check is intended to indicate whether adjustments are needed to remain in the saved range.


Confidence & Independence

Smart Check takes the guesswork out of how much air should be in a ROHO cushion, providing the security of knowing the inflation level of the cushion can be checked whenever or wherever.



ROHO Sensor Ready cushions continue to work as a person’s physiology changes. Having the ability to reset the inflation level allows for maximum benefits from the cushion.


Instant Feedback

Receive real-time feedback with the push of a button, allowing confirmation of the proper cushion inflation range.



Smart Check must be connected to a ROHO® Single Compartment Cushion with Sensor Ready® Technology.

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