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Shopping Trolleys

Shopping trolleys for the elderly are a must for those of us who still enjoy getting out and about and popping into all their favourite shops. However, the idea of carrying heavy or bulky shopping around can really put off elderly people from venturing into the shops. Perhaps there won’t be anyone to help if they get into trouble. Perhaps you just don’t want anyone else to help- we fully understand just how important independence is.

This is why shopping trolleys are such a good idea. Not only will transporting the shopping become a much easier task, the trolley can also provide added stability. That means better mobility and a lot more confidence.

We have a number of different shopping trollies at Active Mobility Centre, and feel confident that we have the right one for you.

Sholley Classic Shopping Trolley
Sholley Classic Shopping Trolley
The latest version of our famous fixed wheel shopper with black bag with beige trim. A sturdy, safe and reliable favourite. Ideal for the local shops and those who prefer fixed wheels to our other swivel-wheel models. This product has No Rear Axle & NEW PARK BRAKE Not only can you walk close behind without tripping, but simply flip down the park brake to lock the back wheels.
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Shopping Trolley With Seat
Shopping Trolley With Seat
The Escort Shop-a-Seat combines a shopping trolley with a useful little seat to enable the user to have a quick rest when needed. The insulated liner helps to keep frozen goods cool until the user gets home. Four feet provide firm, stable contact with the ground and the seat trolley lid is padded, making a comfortable seat. Handle folds easily away for storage.
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Stair Climbing Shopping Trolley
Stair Climbing Shopping Trolley
One of the challenges faced by the elderly shopper and their trolley is the constant navigation up and down steps or kerbs. This Stair climbing shopping trolley has been specially designed to combat that exact problem.
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