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Solo Toilet Lift

Solo Toilet Lift



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Solo Toilet Lift

There is no need to give up on the idea of using the toilet independently, just because you struggle to get onto and off a standard toilet. With the Solo Toilet Lift, the battery-powered lift does all the work for you. All you need to do is remove your own toilet seat, place the toilet lift over the bowl, and it’s ready.
  • Battery-powered device that enables users with restricted mobility to get on and off toilet at the touch of a button.
  • Ideal for individuals who have difficulty performing sit-to-stand activities due to muscle or joint weakness in their legs and/or upper body e.g. due to multiple sclerosis, osteo- or rheumatoid arthritis, hip replacement, heart problems and obesity.
  • Helps reduce manual handling risks for carers who provide toileting assistance.
  • Powered lifting action replicates body’s natural standing movement.
  • Seat can be stopped at any position to suit user comfort and support requirements.
  • Fits easily and compactly over existing toilet, blending discreetly into modern home.
  • Smooth, wipe-clean surfaces for ease of cleaning.
  • Acts as a normal toilet seat in lowered position for use by other household members.
  • No specialist installation - simply remove existing toilet seat and place over toilet bowl.
  • Feet rotate clockwise and anti-clockwise to adjust height for different users/toilets.
  • Models also available with tilt-up armrests (with/without integral operating controls), which give additional user support.
  • Supplied with two rechargeable batteries to ensure continuous operation.
  • Battery level indicator monitors when recharging is required.
  • Width: 71cm (28”) 
  • Depth: 54cm (21.3”)
  • Height: 66cm – 72cm (26” – 28.3”) 
  • Seat Width: 55cm (22”) 
  • Seat Height Down: 43cm – 49cm (17” – 19.3”) 
  • Seat Height Up: 56cm – 62cm (22” – 24.4”) 
  • Pedestal Clearance Width: 36cm – 42cm (14” – 16.5”) 
  • Toilet Clearance Width: 39cm (15.4”) 
  • Weight (Excl. battery): 20.4kg (45lb) 
  • Weight Capacity: 160kg (25st)


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Mfg Info

Manufacturer: Drive

Model code: MS2LSUK

Barcode / EAN: Sorry, either this product doesn't have a barcode or we don't have one available.

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