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Trio Maxi Seat Stick

Trio Maxi Seat Stick

Classic Canes 2108C
EAN: 884285001194


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Trio Maxi Seat Stick

Do you enjoy your walking but find that you sometimes need a rest? And sometimes, there's nowhere to rest?
The Trio Maxi Seat stick means that you're never without a seat, or a stick! A tripod base provides a stable support to the comfortable seat that you can use to take the weight off your feet, wherever you are. And simply folding away the seat means that you can use the frame as a supportive walking stick. Clever, huh?
Handle Height  - 33" (840mm)
Seat Height - 22.5" (575mm)
Max user Weight - 16st (101kg)

Mfg Info

Manufacturer: Classic Canes

Model code: 2108C

Barcode / EAN: 884285001194

Manufacturer Info
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by Anne J

I bought one of these sticks some years ago and I don't know where. I could not go out without it. It is light weight, a GOOD seat height unlike so many others. It supports me walking and easily flips open when need to sit.

People(elderly, disabled and tourists!) stop me in the street to ask where I bought it. I didn't know but now I can point them to your site.

The only disadvantage to this tripod is that it can be easy to trip up passers by (but sometimes maybe that would be a good thing when people rush past and create an unsteadying vortex!)

I highly recommend it.