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Varilite ProForm NX Cushion

Varilite ProForm NX Cushion

Varilite 72412
EAN: 040818016541


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£478.80 inc VAT
£399.00 exc VAT

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Available Options:
Cover Type: Mesh  
Size; Width X Depth: 14x14 inch (35x35cm)  
14x16 inch (35x40 cm)  
14x18 inch (35x45cm)  
14x20 inch (35x50cm)  
15x15 inch (38x38cm)  
15x17 inch (38x43cm)  
16x14 inch (40x35cm)  
16x16 inch (40x40 cm)  
16x18 inch (40x45 cm)  
16x20 inch (40x50 cm)  
17x17 inch (43x43 cm)  
18x16 inch (45x40 cm)  
18x18 inch (45x45 cm)  
18x20 inch (45x50 cm)  
20x16 inch (50x45 cm)  
20x18 inch (50x45 cm)  
20x20 inch (50x50 cm)  


Therapists recommend the ProForm NX™ for individuals with leg length discrepancies, amputations, and pelvic obliquities and other positioning challenges because of the hundreds of asymmetric adjustment positions that can be achieved with the Proform NX™ system.

Dual chambers toward the rear of the cushion allow for independent adjustment of both sides of the cushion, controlled by an air valve on either side. The front of the cushion features a modifiable thigh cushion that can be easily cut to shape to accomodate for leg length discrepancy. The Proform NX™ is also sold as a package with a contoured base and a modifiable foam wedge, altogether making it one of the most customisable cushions in Varilite range.

Prescribers value this cost-effective and easy-to-customize off-the-shelf product. Users and caregivers value the durability and adjustability of the ProForm NX™.

Mfg Info

Manufacturer: Varilite

Model code: 72412

Barcode / EAN: 040818016541

Manufacturer Info
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