Varilite Stratus Cushion

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Varilite Stratus Cushion

Varilite Stratus Cushion

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The Varilite Stratus is an ultralight cushion created from two types of durable
foam; a medium density foam in the areas in contact with the body and a firm
density foam for the edges of the cushion and thigh separator. This offers
superior support and comfort. Its unique self inflating, two way air valve allows
the user to fully inflate the cushion with ease then once seated, release the air
until they are comfortable. This ensures that weight is evenly distributed over
the surface of the cushion. With a breathable, machine washable yet
waterproof and non slip cover, this cushion is the natural choice in pressure
relief cushions.

Maximum user weight 190kg (30st)

Height 7.6cm (3")