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Vicair Academy Active Wheelchair Cushion

Vicair Academy Active Wheelchair Cushion



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£457.20 inc VAT
£381.00 exc VAT

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Available Options:
Replacement Cover: With Replacement Cover ( + £65.00 )
Without Replacement Cover  
Height: 6cm  
Size; Width X Depth: 30cm x 30cm  
40cm x 43cm  
30cm x 35cm  
35cm x 30cm  
35cm x 35cm  
38cm x 35cm  
38cm x 38cm  
38cm x 40cm  
38cm x 43cm  
40cm x 35cm  
40cm x 40cm  
40cm x 38cm  
40cm x 45cm  
43cm x 38cm  
43cm x 40cm  
43cm x 43cm  
43cm x 45cm  
43cm x 48cm  
43cm x 50cm  
45cm x 35cm  
45cm x 40cm  
45cm x 43cm  
45cm x 48cm  
45cm x 50cm  
48cm x 43cm  
48cm x 45cm  
48cm x 48cm  
48cm x 50cm  
50cm x 50cm  


Active people make full use of their wheelchairs in their everyday life. They also frequently transfer in and out of their wheelchair. To them, a wheelchair cushion has to provide comfort and stability, it has to prevent them from developing pressure ulcers, and all of this at the lowest weight possible.

Vicair’s solution is the Academy Active. This wheelchair cushion is a combination of the unique Vicair technology and ergonomically shaped foam.


Foam and air
Vicair’s solution is the Academy Active. This wheelchair cushion is a combination of the unique Vicair® air-technology and ergonomically-shaped foam. The weight of the Academy Active is low. The 45x45 cm version of this 6 cm high cushion weighs 700 grams and teh 9 cm high version weighs 1,100 grams. 
Foam: The front of the Active is made of ergonomically-shaped foam. The foam enables the user to make an easier transfer and provides a great sense of stability.
Air: The cushion’s back side has three compartments with air-filled SmartCells™. This part of the cushion provides comfort while sitting and helps to prevent pressure ulcers.

The cover is made of a comfortable watertight -yet breathable- textile and has a pouch for storing things like keys, a wallet or mobile phone.

Warranty 2 yrs


  • Combination of unique Vicair technology and ergonomically shaped foam
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Superior pressure distribution
  • Optimal positioning
  • Simple to use
  • Available in two heights, 6 and 9 centimeter
  • Average weights of the 6 and 9 centimeter versions are 700 grams and 1,100 grammes.


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Manufacturer: Vicair

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