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Vicair Academy Twin 6 and 10 Cushion

Vicair Academy Twin 6 and 10 Cushion

Vicair ATW10/CK/4045


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£474.00 inc VAT
£395.00 exc VAT

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Available Options:
Replacement Cover: Without Replacement Cover  
With Replacement Cover ( + £55.00 )
Cover Type: Comfair  
Size; Width X Depth: 35cm x 40cm  
40cm x 40cm  
40cm x 45cm  
43cm x 43cm  
45cm x 45cm  
Height: 6cm  


Vicair Academy Twin 6 and 10 Cushion

This entry level cushion is ideal for general use. Divided into two sections, the rear compartment has fewer cells than the front in order to provide effective pressure and shear reduction. The Twin is available in 6 and 10cm heights. The Twin 10 is recommended for clients with severe body asymmetry.

Unique Design
Each cushion offers a unique and innovative approach to body support. Each cushion contains hundreds of Soft Cells which are small air filled pyramid shaped cells contained in strategically placed compartments. These flexible fabric coated cells have a low friction level when in contact with each other and continuously adapt and conform to the body's contours.

Optimal Positioning And Pressure Reduction
With high levels of pressure reduction, the cushions still provide a comfortable surface with excellent stability and improve positioning. This makes the Academy range suitable for those at Very High Risk of developing pressure ulcers.

Lightweight And Low Maintenance
There is no risk of the cushion deflating so if a Soft Cell does get damaged , the single cell can be replaced rather than the entire cushion. This ultra lightweight cushion is easy to lift and transfer from chair to chair making it ideal for active users.

Cover Options
Comfair - Multi-stretch breathable top fabric allows air to circulate. Provides comfort and reduces the risk of moisture / heat build up. Incontinence - Multi-stretch water resistant and vapour permeable fabric with an easy to maintain wipe down surface.

  • Warranty: 2 yrs
  • Max user weight: 250kg (40st)
  • Weight: 0.4 - 1.2kg


Mfg Info

Manufacturer: Vicair

Model code: ATW10/CK/4045

Manufacturer Info
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by Paul H

Fab cushion , very pleased and quick delivery .