Grab Rails

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For those with reduced mobility such as the elderly or the disabled, it is especially important that no further mobility issues are caused by a slip or a fall around the home. That is why we stock a huge range of grab rails in many different designs- in order to prevent this from happening anywhere in the home.

 Whether you are elderly or disabled yourself, or are a carer with a patient or family member that would benefit from that extra bit of stability in any room of the house, we will be happy to advise you on the many grab rails and fall protection aids that we have to offer. Our grab rails can be fitted to most parts of your home; either fixed or using strong suction cups for easier removal.

They can be fitted to your bath to aid lifting yourself without risk of injury or to the walls of a walk-in shower to aid stability when standing for a long time. For those who find it difficult climbing stairs with their current stair-rail, we will be able to provide a grab rail to suit your needs in climbing or descending the stairs.