Triride Carry Bag
Wednesday 15 June, 2022
Good quality padded bag - easier to lift my triride in/out of car. Website very easy to use. Customer service is excellent, and customers are always kept informed regarding status of orders/deliveries. Would definitely use again.
Clare Pearce-Dryden
Wednesday 08 June, 2022
What a amazing company easy to order and quick delivery helpful and friendly
Deana Rylands
Indoor / Outdoor Handy Grab Rail
Tuesday 31 May, 2022
Quick delivery and the product felt very safe and robust.
John O'Sullivan
Molly Bather Bath Lift
Tuesday 31 May, 2022
Very easy to install even on my Spanish tiles just get tile drill bits use grease on stainless steel screws for ease, The belt is easy to adjust works for your bath.
Gary Horrocks
Aluminium Walking Stick Stool
Monday 30 May, 2022
Good product and outstanding service
Sheila Hutchinson
Evolution Elbow Crutches
Saturday 21 May, 2022
I love my new crutches. I chose orange and love them. About to have knee replacement but above all I have peripheral neuropathy so my balance is bad but with these they make me feel safe. No negatives.
Patricia Walker
Transfer Board For Toilet
Wednesday 18 May, 2022
Fantastic item
LYN Wingfield
Birstall Bariatric Mobile Commode
Wednesday 11 May, 2022
The product is excellent quality and would recommend it. The only tiny issue, is that the height of the seat on it's lowest level is for my height about 2" to high. But that's no major issue. It took a little longer to arrive, because it was coming directly from the manufacturer. The customer service team were excellent in explaining the situation. I would certainly look to use this company again for any other mobility aids.
Norman Howes
Chemical Toilet Port-Potty Portable Manual Flush
Wednesday 04 May, 2022
Excellent delivery time, product very good, would highly recommend.
Dorothy Bower
Steering Wheel Attachments
Thursday 28 April, 2022
The mushroom steering ball is the perfect accessory for me. After 4yrs of getting over illness I have now again able to drive as I did before, be it with one hand. Excellent product which I will recommend highly as all accessories on you site. Thankyou so much. Shereen
Shereen Banday
Extra Roomy Everyday Tights 3 Pair Pack
Monday 18 April, 2022
Bought for my mum who has swollen legs due to reduced mobility. The tights are great, easy to put on and apparently super comfortable.
Dany Lhommme
Spillproof Urinal (Male)
Monday 28 March, 2022
Very well designed and robustly built. It may be a little more expensive than some alternatives, but I think it will be reliable long into the future. Very pleased with it, and happy to recommend.
Terry Massingham
SmartDrive MX2+ PushTracker E2
Wednesday 23 March, 2022
I brought the PushTracker E2 was easy to set up the customer service was brilliant and very helpful with questions I ask and very prompt to reply or to call you to sort out any questions you need help with setting up Thank you active mobility centre
shaun wild
Flexible Padded Restaleg Leg Rest
Thursday 17 March, 2022
Very comfortable and easy to use. Gives good support for a painful knee...
Susan West
Wheelchair Push Handle Extensions
Sunday 27 February, 2022
We were shocked to discover that most wheelchairs have fixed height handles to push; at a level only suitable if you’re 5 feet tall or less! Pushing even for a short distance just wrecks your back, and it is difficult to find a cost effective solution. The only reason I have not given these handles a 5 star rating is that the darn clamps (we went for the extra ones for more stability) keep loosening. On our first outing (pushing mum to the pub), we had to keep stopping to try and tighten them up. Seemed a bit better on outing no.2 thankfully!
Carole Woodbridge
Sock & Stocking Aid
Saturday 26 February, 2022
I had to change the way the cord was threaded for it to work and it was then fine on short thin socks. It doesn’t work on long socks and is very difficult with winter ( thick) socks. I have worked out a way of fitting thick socks but it is dependent on being able to open the appliance while it is on the floor by using the cord to open the entrance wide enough to get the foot in.
Graham Newton
Wednesday 16 February, 2022
Great product, they are sturdy and comfortable to use. Would recommend to anyone who are unable to use standard crutches due to their condition.
Lisa Dalton
Over Bed Pole Hoist Patient Helper
Wednesday 09 February, 2022
Good communication and first class service. Good Quality item
Derrick Brown
Chemical Toilet Port-Potty Portable Manual Flush
Friday 07 January, 2022
This product to me is well worth the money, unfortunately I had to send it back as my mom couldn’t push the pump down to clean the toilet, I did ask for the next model up but sadly they only do this model. I have now purchased the 365 model,my mom can do this one????. Please bear in mind my mom is 89 years old, and just doesn’t have the strength to push the pump down, this is not to say any other elderly people couldn’t do this. Thanks to the office receptionist, I have had no problems sending it back and would use this company again. The four stars is purely due to the pump and nothing else.
Mark Horan
Tuesday 28 December, 2021
Delivery was much slower than normal, probably the time of year.
Alan Rudall