Wheelchair Clothing Sleeve Protector
Friday 27 October, 2023
Just purchased a self propelled wheelchair. These sleeve protectors are great for covering your clothing allowing usage without any tyre damage to your best togs!! Excellent product and very quick service!
Paul Morgan
Wednesday 25 October, 2023
Not used them fully yet tried and set them up ready to learn how to walk again
Steve Beckley
Cushion Coccyx Wedge
Saturday 14 October, 2023
Have used in the car, made the journey so much more comfortable. Like the fact that it's versatile and I am getting some relief...
Victoria Darby
Car Handybar
Saturday 14 October, 2023
Useful aid for in the car, is as described...
Victoria Darby
Saturday 14 October, 2023
These crutches are so much more comfortable than the conventional crutches, the designer(s) have put a lot off thought into this....
Victoria Darby
Aluminium Walking Stick Stool
Thursday 12 October, 2023
This is sturdy and stable and has a seat wide enough to actually sit on! This might seem a strange comment to make but I had previously purchased (and returned) a different, less expensive walking stick stool from elsewhere and I doubt the seat would have accommodated a 10 year old child. It was also very flimsy. The Classic Canes stick stool is a good investment, I highly recommend it. Delivery was prompt.
Mary Kelly
Flexible Padded Restaleg Leg Rest
Wednesday 27 September, 2023
I am very happy with my restaleg. It's really helped with my cellulitis. The swelling has gone down considerably. Best thing I've ever bought.
Seana Weatherston
Wednesday 27 September, 2023
The Smart Crutch is very comfortable and with it great styling the best I have used.
Saturday 16 September, 2023
Used for the first time today, they have really made walking and moving around so much easier. The padding on the arm rest is great and work well. They are really sturdy and well made, because there are so many ways to be able to adjust them and they are all so easy it is really easy to be comfortable. My only negative would be that delivery took a while however the team at active mobility got back to me when I emailed with an update and Traci was really polite and professional throughout. All in all a really great product. Would recommend both the product and active mobility!!!!
Emma Konchesky
Walking Frame Carpet Glides
Friday 08 September, 2023
Very useful product which has helped my wife enormously. Who could use a frame successfully on a carpeted floor without the carpet glides
Alan Pering
Saturday 02 September, 2023
I have used SmartCrutches for around 4 years now, they are so comfortable to use, they do not put pressure on your wrists. They make you look like you are hiking but the comfort and ease of use just makes everything worthwhile. I recommend these to everyone who needs them and I will never go back to any other crutches!!
Ann Ross
Wheelchair Spoke Protectors Black or Clear
Thursday 17 August, 2023
Perfect fit! Just what we were looking for
Rachel Hiley
Step Stool With Safety Handrail
Wednesday 19 July, 2023
Excellent sturdy product. Customer Service from Active Mobility was second to none and delivery as scheduled. Brilliant all round and a great product too. Thank you
Lesley Frame
Mobility Scooter / Wheelchair Battery Charger MK
Saturday 15 July, 2023
Absolutely brilliant replacement charger, and 5 star shopping experience from this shop. Thank you all so much, you have saved me from buying new batteries by replacing my charger. Thank you so much.
Colin Stemp
Aluminium Walking Stick Stool
Monday 10 July, 2023
Being of tall stature I had been trying to get a long Walking stick seat for some time . My local Mobility Shops were not able to help and suggested that none existed to match my height requirements. After trawling through the internet for some time I came across your site which listed, what seemed, to be the thing I wanted. I ordered on line on a Sunday and received the order on Wednesday. Great service indeed! The product is excellent, well constructed, lightweight and I now use it rather than my wheeled walker.THANK YOU
John Child
Wheelchair Travel Bag
Sunday 09 July, 2023
This is a lovely bag. I spent a long time looking as some bags are smaller. I can fit the watts seat cushion in as well and it seems sturdy . I am using it to take my wheelchair away on a plane so hopefully it will protect it
Debbie Baldock
Dietz Taima Outdoor Rollator
Tuesday 20 June, 2023
Excellent rollater for uneven ground. Used for the first time this weekend and went on grass and pebbles with no problem. I can now go where I want rather than being left behind. Would definitely recommend
Jill Dorrington
Bath Buddy Inflatable Bath Lift
Thursday 01 June, 2023
This means I can now have a soak in the bath to ease my muscle pain because getting in and out is easy. It was impossible before.
Jo Dolman
Chemical Toilet Port-Potty Portable Manual Flush
Friday 21 April, 2023
easy to set up and use mom finds a very big help as she is 86 and walks with a frame so its ideal for her to use as a semi permanent toilet downstairs very easy to empty and refil mopms delighted with it
Brenda Gotheridge
ROHO Dry Floatation Mattress Overlay System
Wednesday 19 April, 2023
Brilliant product my son had ROHO cushion for years so I new the quality of pressure relief this topper is excellent and gave us all peace of mind that he was comfy and absolutely no pressure marks company very helpful thanks
Deborah Reeves