Disability Tin and Bottle Openers

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Even the most simple chore or household task can be a big problem for the elderly, the disabled, and arthritis sufferers. Unscrewing a jar lid or opening a bottle or tin; thankless, frustrating and seemingly impossible tasks.

However, we have a range of assistive devices, such as disability bottle openers, and can-openers for the disabled that can make up for weak grip, lack of hand strength or reduced dexterity. Bottle openers, can ring pulls, even knob turners (for use with gas or radiator taps, knurled knobs, etc.) - we have a wide range of gadgets, gizmos and devices!

We also have jar and bottle openers, and bottle holders - all designed to make life in the kitchen easier. Whatever your condition or situation, we feel confident that there is something here to help the less able or elderly individual.