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Our range of cutlery will help people who suffer from arthritis, reduced grip, tremors and other problems with their hands. Because of this, Active Mobility Centre has a large range of cutlery comprising caring cutlery, cutlery for disabled, easy grip cutlery and large handled cutlery. The different types are suitable for people with different conditions but they are all simple solutions to problems which can have a very detrimental effect on a person's life.Caring cutlery enables people with reduced hand grip, hand or arm function to eat more easily. 

There is also junior caring cutlery available which makes it easier for children to learn how to eat by themselves and encourages them to do so.Easy grip cutlery and large handled cutlery has a similar result but is aimed more towards people who find it difficult to grasp cutlery in a conventional way. The larger handles allow them to overcome this problem and enjoy eating independently.