Mobile Hoists

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It can be a real struggle for carers to lift their patient (or loved one) out of a chair, a bed or out of the bath. In these situations, a mobile hoist might be the answer. These are small, mobile devices that can be used to lift someone from a chair to a bed; from a bed to a commode...

Our mobile hoists for disabled people have been developed especially for the domestic care environment, and with the patient in mind. Ease of use and comfort are priorities, alongside the most important concern- safety.

Portable hoists are designed to be used indoors (and outdoors on suitable surfaces), and can even be used to safely lift someone into a vehicle. Hoists can quickly be assembled and dismantled, to allow for easy transportation. Many hoists can be wheeled by one person, and when disassembled can easily be stored in a car boot, or luggage section of a bus or train.