Dycem Non Slip Mats

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The name Dycem is synonymous with quality, reliable non-slip or anti slip mats.

Offering a varied collection of products to help people with weak grip, Parkinson's disease, or impaired mobility, Dycem material provides a secure surface that prevents objects like cups from slipping off trays or tables. Dycem non slip mats are used to overcome many of the stabilisation and gripping problems encountered in hospitals, clinics and care homes. They are Ideal for improving grip, providing support, and stability, during everyday activities.

Dycem mats have been designed to be the most effective non-slip material available. They are not sticky, but grip dry, slippery surfaces (like worktops, trays, floors and tables) to prevent accidental movement. We also supply the Dycem material in rolls where used to it can be used to cover large areas. Alternatively, it can be cut to shape - making it particularly suitable for moulding or wrapping around objects.