Aero-Tech & Propad Cushions

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The Invacare Aero-tech cushions are specifically designed for those considered to be at ‘Very High Risk’ of developing pressure ulcers but require improved stability. Individual interconnected air cells allow free movement of air within the cushion, which allows the level of air to be individually adjusted to body shape thus maximising immersion. This air fluidised movement minimises changes in peak pressures, therefore providing excellent protection against pressure damage. The natural rubber material and vulcanised bonded base, offers excellent product longevity and may be suitable for those who experience allergic reactions to latex.
The Invacare Propad Cushion Range has been designed as an introductory range of pressure reducing cushions for use with both wheelchairs or standard armchairs. They are constructed to ensure improved support and prolonged longevity. The range includes two cushion types which are designed to meet the needs for those "At Risk / Increased Vulnerability” of developing pressure ulcers. The Propad Premier and Propad Original, both 4" / 10.2 cm cushions are constructed from quality, high density foam and offers protection
for heavier users.
In addition, a low profile version is available. The Propad Low Profile cushion is 2.5" / 6.5 cm in height, with reduced weight bearing properties, but offers the benefit of a lower seating position in a chair or wheelchair.