Shower Chairs/Seats

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Slipping in the shower is all too easy and all too common, even amongst the young and able-bodied. For those with balance or mobility problems, or those who may feel faint in a hot environment like a shower, the risks are far greater. A simple shower seat can make a big difference to shower safety and confidence.

Most shower stools are very simple. A lightweight, reasonably sized stool with non-slip feet fits into the shower recess without the need for special installation. Some have legs that adjust in height but most of these can be set up without the need for special tools.

Alternately, there are wheeled models intended to be moved into and out of a shower space, folding shower seats and chairs, wall-mounted models that fold up when not in use, and a wide variety of other choices. We try to make sure we stock a shower seat to meet every need and every budget as well.