Reclining Wheelchairs

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Recliner, or tilt wheelchairs are designed to meet the need of each individual wheelchair user.

Having more adjustments on the frame than regular wheelchairs, these types of wheelchair make it easier for the user to be positioned correctly for comfort and support.

Offering adjustable seat height and depth, back height and length and tilt adjustment, these tilting wheelchairs are comfortable and durable, without sacrificing manoeuvrability. The benefits of a recliner are numerous. To start with, it can help to prevent slippage in the chair, keeping the user firmly back in the seat. This improves posture, and prevents shear pressure that occurs when the user slides in chair. Shear pressure is one of the major contributory causes of pressure ulcers (bed sores).

The recliner or tilting wheelchair can be easily adapted to your needs. They are designed for those that need greater support, but want to remain independent.