Key Safes & Key Turners

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Do you have difficulty locking and unlocking doors? It can be a real struggle for those of us with reduced dexterity. Thankfully these handy little devices, aptly named “key turners” (because that’s what they do!) can make life easier.

We have several key turners, but all working in roughly the same way - simply attach one to your key to provide extra grip and leverage when opening doors. The key then folds away into the handle when not in use.

Some can even help with turning knobs on cookers, gas fires, taps, and a number of other irregularly shaped handles. Suitable for users with weak wrist strength, arthritics or those suffering with tender joints, these devices are inexpensive and could well go toward making your day just that little bit easier!

Take a look and contact us if you are unsure which item is best for you.