Nurse Call Systems

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Nurse call systems usually incorporate a button located local to a wheelchair, or hospital bed. This allows patients in healthcare environments to alert a carer (or nurse) remotely of the need for help.

When pressed, the button sends a signal that will alert the carer allowing them to provide assistance as quickly as possible.

There are many different types of carer alert systems. Some allow the patient to speak directly to the carer; others will make a beep or buzz that will alert the carer.

Nurse call systems can provide the following benefits to patients:

●     They enable the bedridden patient with a means of calling for help remotely

●     They can provide the patient with a sense of reassurance and security

●     The call button can also be used by the carer or nurse already with the patient to call for further help when needed, or by visitors to call for help on behalf of the patient.