Crutches & Elbow Crutches

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Forearm crutches (also known as elbow crutches) are devices that can help a person in their mobility in terms of walking. These devices often bear the weight of a person using them so they are generally designed with handgrips, padding and forearm cuffs for maximum stability and comfort.

Forearm (or elbow) crutches are important mobility devices and are highly recommended for people suffering an injury, long or short term, which makes getting around more difficult but doesn’t mean you need a wheelchair.

At Active Mobility we have all sorts of crutches, from lightweight aluminium to heavy duty Bariatric - from shock absorbing to Tiki crutches for children. We’re always happy to provide help and advice, so if you have any questions...don’t be afraid to ask. Call 01642 805050 and we’ll do our very best to help you!