Bath Steps & Mats

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Stepping into and out of the bath is a point of high risk in any bathroom. This is true for anybody, but particularly important for the elderly and disabled. Having to get into and out of the bath too often requires lift one leg into an off-balance position and stepping on slippery surfaces at the same time. Happily, there are very simple ways to improve bathroom safety. Bath steps require little or no installation and can make bathing much, much easier and safer.

We also carry a range of budget bathroom steps that can make getting into the bath much easier without breaking the bank. When not in use they can be left in place removed, whichever is most convenient.

In addition to a set of bath steps, we also recommend that anyone looking to improve safety around their bath look at non-slip bath matting for tiled or lino floors (again, very cheap and very simple) and also grab rails. A bath or shower mat in tub can also be very helpful.