Standard Cushions / Backrests

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If you or your patient is spending a lot of time in a wheelchair, then you’ll want to make it as comfortable as possible to prevent any kind of pressure injuries or sores. At Active Mobility UK, we strive to stock as many items to make our customers feel comfortable, whether they are at home our out and about.  Pressure cushions for wheelchairs are very important no matter how long you spend in your chair on a daily basis.  Couple these wheelchair cushions with a backrest and you can be sure of a much more comfortable journey.

We stock wheelchair seat cushions and backrests for use on all of our self-propelled and electric wheelchairs and you can be assured that they are made with your comfort in mind. As much as we like to think our chairs offer comfort in themselves, we understand that you want to get around in comfort so speak to any of our staff to make sure you purchase the correct set up for your chair.