Wheelchair Gloves

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Why wear wheelchair gloves?  To start with, they can protect your hands from injury. It’s possible to do some damage with the repeated contact with the wheelchair push rim. It’s also not uncommon to pick up blisters from the constant pushing, especially if you're playing intense wheelchair sports or racing. 

You can also get even more serious hand injuries including carpal tunnel syndrome (a condition caused by pressure on a nerve in the wrist or hand) from repeated contact with the wheelchair rim. This is of course painful and can hamper your ability to get around independently. Happily, there are simple ways to protect your hands and make sure carpal tunnel never bothers you.

And of course, some people wear wheelchair gloves to keep their hands warm - pushing a wheelchair push rim on a cold winter day can be quite uncomfortable! Whatever your needs, we have a wide selection of wheelchair gloves for men, women, and kids!