Alber Viamobil Eco V14 Wheelchair Power Pack

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Alber Viamobil Eco V14 Wheelchair Power Pack

Alber Viamobil Eco V14 Wheelchair Power Pack

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Alber Viamobil Eco V14 Wheelchair Power Pack - The new easy way to push.

Pushing and braking your wheelchair can now be as easy as this. Uphill or downhill, on steep ramps, sloping drives or on longer journeys, viamobil eco, the electric pushing and braking aid for wheelchairs helps carers with pushing at the times they need it most.

Viamobil eco is also a safe partner when traveling downhill, with the automatic braking function providing a big advantage in safety. The intelligent spring system ensures a comfortable and quiet ride, automatically compensating for bumps or dips in the road surface, making sure the wheel always remains in contact with the ground. 

These benefits not only relieve the strain on the carer, they enhance the personal freedom of carer and user alike and thereby improve the opportunity for social contact.

ErgoDrive means easy and convenient operation. The ergono- mic handlebar control gives the attendant easy control in any situation by pressing the handles down to go forward or lifting up to go in reverse.
Thumb control.
The drive lever on the ergonomically shaped control unit is simply depressed slightly using the thumb to move the wheel- chair forwards. This means that even longer walks can be completed without fatigue. The drive lever is lifted up to go into reverse.
The advantages of both control options.
All functions are controlled using a hand wheel with one hand for optimum ease of use.
Intelligent pneumatic spring system that adapts to bumps and dips in the ground.
Foot pedal for conveniently lowering and raising the drive wheels, for instance, when manoeuvring indoors without any assistance from viamobil.
Ideal to transport.
In a matter of seconds, viamobil eco dismantles into three handy parts, without tools, and easily fits any car boot or luggage compartment.
Fits your wheelchair.
Viamobil eco combines with most standard wheelchairs and, thanks to its well designed coupling system, attaches easily to the wheelchair without the need for tools. Prior to ordering please contact our customer services team on 01642 805050 or to give us details of the wheelchair that you are fitting the Viamobil to.

Anti Tippers
  • Prevent tipping backwards.
  • For driving up slopes with gradient steeper than 8%.
  • Removable using the quick-release fasteners.
Spare Battery Pack
  • Extends the operating range.
  • Recommended for heavy wheelchair users.
Car Battery Charger
  • Battery pack can be charged in the car during travel.
  • Automatic charge and switch-off mechanism (function depending on vehicle used)
  • Display with indication of charging status.
  • Input 12 V – 32 V.
Technical Specifications
  • Load 120kg (weight of person) (264lbs)
  • Speed up to 5.5 kph (3.42mph)
  • *Range up to 12 km (7 Miles)
  • Climbing capability 10% 
  • Battery pack 6kg (13lbs)
  • Drive 10.5kg (23lbs)
  • Control unit 2kg (4lbs)
  • Overall 18.5kg (40lbs)
*depending on load, terrain, ambient temperature to ISO 7176-4