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Jay Easy Fluid Cushion Replacement Cover

Jay Easy Fluid Cushion Replacement Cover

Jay CJE4242C


This product is eligible for VAT Relief

£70.80 inc VAT
£59.00 exc VAT

Please choose one of the following options:

Available Options:
Cover Type: Microclimatic ( + £9.00 )
Base: Curved Base  
Flat Base  
Size; Width X Depth: 25 x 25cm  
25 x 30cm  
30 x 25cm  
30 x 30cm  
30 x 35cm  
35cm x 30cm  
35cm x 35cm  
35cm x 40cm  
35cm x 46cm  
38cm x 40cm  
38cm x 42cm  
38cm x 44cm  
40cm x 40cm  
40cm x 42cm  
40cm x 44cm  
40cm x 46cm  
42cm x 40cm  
42cm x 42cm  
42cm x 44cm  
42cm x 46cm  
44cm x 40cm  
44cm x 42cm  
44cm x 44cm  
44cm x 46cm  
46cm x 42cm  
46cm x 44cm  
46cm x 44cm  
46cm x 50cm  
48cm x 42cm  
48cm x 44cm  
48cm x 46cm  
48cm x 50cm  
50cm x 42cm  
50cm x 46cm  
50cm x 50cm  
56cm x 46cm  
56cm x 50cm  
56cm x 56cm  
60cm x 46cm  
60cm x 50cm  
60cm x 56cm  
60cm x 60cm  


The importance of protecting and keeping your wheelchair cushion covers clean cannot be understated. Replacement cushion covers extend the life of the cushions by protecting them from dust, dirt, and wear. Jay cushion covers are designed to suit the individual’s particular needs. Designed to provide the user with maximum relief, Jay Replacement Covers have a reputation for their therapeutic features.


Mfg Info


Model code: CJE4242C

Barcode / EAN: Sorry, either this product doesn't have a barcode or we don't have one available.

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by Christos A

Excellent quality item