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Jay Lite Wheelchair Cushion

Jay Lite Wheelchair Cushion

Jay JLwwdd


This product is eligible for VAT Relief

£256.80 inc VAT
£214.00 exc VAT

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Available Options:
Size; Width X Depth: 35cm x 35cm  
35cm x 40cm  
35cm x 46cm  
38cm x 38cm  
38cm x 42cm  
38cm x 42cm  
38cm x 44cm  
38cm x 46cm  
38cm x 50cm  
40cm x 38cm  
40cm x 40cm  
40cm x 42cm  
40cm x 44cm  
40cm x 46cm  
40cm x 50cm  
42cm x 38cm  
42cm x 40cm  
42cm x 42cm  
42cm x 44cm  
42cm x 46cm  
44cm x 38cm  
44cm x 40cm  
44cm x 42cm  
44cm x 44cm  
44cm x 46cm  
46cm x 40cm  
46cm x 42cm  
46cm x 44cm  
46cm x 46cm  
46cm x 50cm  
48cm x 40cm  
48cm x 42cm  
48cm x 44cm  
48cm x 46cm  
48cm x 50cm  
50cm x 40cm  
50cm x 46cm  
50cm x 56cm  
56cm x 46cm  
56cm x 50cm  
56cm x 56cm  
60cm x 46cm  
60cm x 50cm  
60cm x 56cm  
60cm x 60cm  
Spare Cover: With Spare Cover ( + £98.00 )
Without Spare Cover  
Type: Positioning Version ( + £20.00 )


The Jay Lite is a super lightweight cushion, particularly useful for use with lightweight aluminium and titanium chairs. As it has a lightweight foam base, it provides structure and support without extra weight.
Using 3DX spacer fabric, it enables heat and moisture to flow easily through the material - essential to minimizing skin integrity issues.
The pelvic loading area is shaped and sized to distribute pressure under the pelvis, but without placing excessive strain.  

And last but not least, the Jay Lite cushion looks great - with its raised rubber name tag, rubber non stick bottom and custom carrying handle!


Height front 8cm (3")   Rear 7.5cm (2 3/4")

Max user weight 125kg (19 1/2st)

Weight 1.6kg (3 1/2lb) 




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Model code: JLwwdd

Barcode / EAN: Sorry, either this product doesn't have a barcode or we don't have one available.

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by Anonymous

I replaced my Jay-2 cushion with the Jay-Lite in Nov 2010 and have been very pleased with it. The Jay-2 plastic covered fluid pad did generate a lot of heat under your backside and this has been eliminated with the Jay-Lite. The firmness of seating position is just as good as the Jay-2 too, so you'll notice no difference in your posture positioning. Of course, you might wish to have your physiotherapist's advice before purchasing, especially if you have sensitive skin. Luckily, I have not and have not had any skin related issues.

The lightness of the cushion is a major advantage over the Jay-2. Is so light it would blow away in a strong wind if you dropped it getting in to the car. I use the Velcro strip that is supplied on it to secure it to the Kuschall Ultra-Lite chair I use. The cushion is a must for those with little strength to lift it in & out of a car. The air-vents through its seat base do keep you much cooler as does the special cushion cover that comes with it. The cover is specifically made for this cushion and is an additional expense should you need to have a regular spare.


by Leanora V

It's good, comfortable, but I needed the positioning version and it wasn't clear that if I needed leg wells this was the one to order. Too late as I needed a cushion so started using it and can't get a replacement but be aware of this as there isn't a good explanation on the site.