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Portable Hoist-Stand Aid For Car Or Home
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    Stand Aid
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    Stand Aid Sling
    Bathing Sling
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    Portable Hoist For Car Or Home Use


    At last wheelchair users have the opportunity to go where they want when they want. The portable hoist enables a wheelchair user to be seated comfortably and safely into their car. The hoist can then be easily folded and placed in the boot of the car, taking up minimal space. Please note that this hoist can also be used in the home.

    At the destination be it the doctors clinic, hospital, nursing home, restaurant, hotel, leisure centre, holiday home, etc. It can be easily assembled and used to remove the person from the car.he Ardoo Caresafe 140 hoist is the lightest, most compact, portable hoist on the market. It is a problem solver – versatile it enhances and improves the quality of life for both the carer and those being cared for.

    The unique one piece design is easy to erect or fold in 40 seconds or less – no tools needed.

    The hoist raises a person from their front rather than overhead which enables a much smaller footprint, making it very portable and easy to manoeuvre and store in tight spaces. The clever design allows the hoist be adapted for use as a stand aid.

    The Ardoo Caresafe 140 has many unique features its patent filing number is S2014/0099 dated 09/04/2014 and is fully CE Compliant.


    • The Ardoo Caresafe 140 can be used in the home, a hotel, in the car.
    • Can be easily taken on day trips and holidays with friends or family.
    • The small footprint allows it to be used in tight spaces, such as a bathroom, and can lift a supine person from the floor.
    • It can be used both indoors and outdoors.
    • Safely transfers a person into a car, wheelchair, stairlift, or onto bedside, toilet etc.
    • Easy to erect or fold in under 40 seconds – no tools needed.
    • Easily folded and placed in the boot/trunk of a vehicle by one person, or can be taken in the hold of an aircraft.
    • No need to move downstairs and incur expensive construction costs as the Ardoo 140 can be successfully used with a stair lift.
    • Can be easily converted into a stand aid (kit available).

    The Ardoo Caresafe 140 can be used with most slings on the market.


    Stand-Aid Attachment

             A portable compact stand aid

             A unique one-piece knee pad/footplate weighing less than 8 kgs.

             The footplate can be attached to the Ardoo 140 hoist in a matter of seconds with no tools required, allowing the Ardoo Combo to function immediately as a stand aid.

             Reduces the risk of injury from lifting patients.

             Easy to use and saves time for carers.

             Only one carer required to complete lift.


    Regular Sling

    The Regular Sling is a split leg sling with a high back for support and padded legs for comfort. It also comes with extra strap on side for added support. Optional easi on head support available.

    Toilet Sling

    The Toileting Sling has a Velcro waist band and arms are positioned on the outside of the underarm bolster rolls.

    Cressy Sling

    The Cressy Sling is based on a deluxe style sling and comes complete with an integral head support. The padded legs with slide sheet material make the Cressy Sling easy to fit and comfortable to use.

    The counterpoise straps at the shoulders of the sling are designed to be simple to use and are of particular benefit to those clients who are prone to spasm in a sling.

    It is suitable for all transfers including toileting, bathing and lifting from a prone position.

    Bathing Sling

    Based on the deluxe style the Bathing sling gives great support and also access to the posterior for help with washing and cleaning.

    Stand Aid Sling

    The waist belt provides support and feeling of security during the raising and lowering. Tighten as required to size of client.

    Hoist Carry Bag

     This soft travel bag is designed for the Ardoo Caresafe 140 folding hoist and gives ideal protect from damage and abuse on board aircraft, boats & trains. The hoist slides easily into the strong and durable travel bag and can be used to store it or during transport.

    Safe Working Load 140Kg
    Maximum Overall Length 1100mm
    Minimum Overall Length 1060mm
    Internal Width (min) 445mm
    Maximum Overall Height (top of spreader bar) 1560mm
    Spreader bar Max height (f) 1560mm
    Spreader bar height at max reach (e) 1084mm
    Spreader bar height min height (d) 705mm
    Minimum Overall Height (top of mast) 1135mm
    Maximum Reach (a) 535mm
    Turning Radius 1150mm
    Legs Open External Width (i) 974mm
    Legs Closed External Width 414mm
    Internal Width (@ max reach) (h) 798mm
    Overall Height of Legs (c) 110mm
    Ground Clearance: (b)  
    Front Castors 50mm
    Rear Castors 50mm
    Hoist Frame Manufactured from mild steel
    Complete Hoist 23kg



    by Nora J

    A brilliant hoist that does exactly as it says! No more struggling to get my Daughter in the car and also easy and compact enough to use in our house too, worth its weight in gold. Very pleased.


    by Cp

    Very good compact hoist that has proved excellent for getting my disabled client into the car , we struggled before with transfer boards etc, we also use this around the home and I highly recommend it for both uses. Excellent product , quick delivery !