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The smartCRUTCH offers the user quality of life and unprecedented comfort through fully adjustable settings.Spending time on crutches adds to everyday stress and the demands of a busy and active life-style. The last thing one needs is more frustration due to the pain and discomfort of being on crutches. Consequently, the smartCRUTCH™ team has developed a new generation crutch with the user’s lifestyle in mind.

This revolutionary new ergonomic design transforms quality of life and offers unprecedented comfort. The unique design of smartCRUTCH™ Spreads the entire load over your whole forearm which absolutely releases the pressure and pain from the hands and wrists.

Fully Adjustable

You can adjust the height as well as the platform angle position to increase or decrease the pressure on your forearm. This is done by simply loosening the spline plate and adjusting to your unique position preference. Handle position can also be adjusted to suite the length of your forearm


Raising the platform transfer more load to your forearm resulting in increased comfort and eliminating long term injury to your hands and wrists.


  •  ·    Maximizes comfort through even distribution on hands, wrists and forearms.
  • ·        Fully adjustable to meet personal comfort and mobility requirements.
  • ·        Enhances comfort and maximizes load displacement.
  • ·        Ergonomic Grips are offset 7° to ensure stability and comfort.
  • ·        Specifically designed left and right-hand grips.
  • ·        Fully adjustable, modular design, User variation and customization.
  • ·        3-point forearm length settings.
  • ·        Hourglass-shaped ferule maximizes surface contact.

User Weight Limit – NON-Weight Bearing Use (used to swing through)   120kg

User Weight Limit – Weight Bearing Use (for Stability & Balance)   140kg

Weight 1004g per crutch
Setting up your smartCRUTCH