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Varilite Zoid Cushion

Varilite Zoid Cushion

Varilite 32800
EAN: 040818013212


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Spare Cover: With Spare Cover (  £110.00 )
Without Spare Cover  
Cover Type: Incontinent  
Size; Width X Depth: 14x14 inch (35x35cm)  
14x16 inch (35x40 cm)  
14x18 inch (35x45cm)  
15x15 inch (38x38cm)  
15x17 inch (38x43cm)  
16x16 inch (40x40 cm)  
16x18 inch (40x45 cm)  
16x20 inch (40x50 cm)  
17x17 inch (43x43 cm)  
18x16 inch (45x40 cm)  
18x18 inch (45x45 cm)  
18x20 inch (45x50 cm)  
20x16 inch (50x45 cm)  
20x18 inch (50x45cm)  
20x20 inch (50x50 cm)  


 The Zoid is ideally designed for individuals who need a low profile tapered cushion without a medial thigh separator.  The tapered design , low profile, stability, comfort and simplicity have made the zoid the preferred performance cushion for active wheelchair users.  Its tapered shape makes it ideal for rigid chairs and its cover is designed to protect the thighs of users with tight hamstrings or who tuck there legs under their chair.    

Athletes value its lightweight design and vibration impact on the court and track.  

Two types of fabric are bonded to the zoid, two-way stretch knit on the top for maximum conformity and nylon fabric on the bottom for added strength and durability.  The cushion cover is a two-way stretch mesh fabric which wraps around the front to eliminate seams.  Reticulated foam underneath promotes air and water vapour exchange and improves pressure distribution.  The underside of the cushion is a rugged non slip material with hook and loop for added security.  Machine Washable.  

As air is released from the zoid valve internal pressure decreases and the user is immersed in the cushion for effective pressure distribution.  The zoid valve is marked with three pre-set positions, which provide the best range of immersion for most users.  

Air-Foam Flotation
Functional areas of the cushion are created by three types of foam:  soft form for the decubitus-sensitive area of the ITs;  medium foam for main seat support area;  and firm foam for the perimeter.  Bonding Zoid PSV foam to coated fabric makes the cushion hold air.  A valve releases air to immerse the user in the foam, the foam conforms to the user, and the user's weight is distributed over the surface of the cushion.  Independent research has shown VARILITE air-foam floatation to be the number one impact and vibration dampening technology (RESNA 2000).

Positioning Supports
Extra-firm, bevelled foam increases lateral stability and sitting balance, while a large ischail pan protects the pelvis in both anterior and posterior pelvic tilt positions.  There's no medical thigh seperator, so lower extremeties can drift naturally into midline for better fit in a tapered chair.

So, why choose anything else?

Cushion height 6cm (2 1/2")

Maximum user weight 182kg (28st)

Mfg Info

Manufacturer: Varilite

Model code: 32800

Barcode / EAN: 040818013212

Manufacturer Info
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