Fireactiv Back Support

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Fireactiv Back Support

Fireactiv Back Support

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What is FIREACTIV®? 

Fireactiv presents a new revolutionary range of lifestyle products that offer secure joint and muscle support combined with deep heat (activation) generating pads.
No batteries, wires or microwaving required to generate the infinitely re-useable deep heat infrared therapy. Fireactiv heat penetrates up to 50 times deeper than other types of heat applications. The heat generated by fireactiv products penetrates up to 5cm into your muscles and bones and the heat is retained in the body for several hours after initial use.
Fireactiv supports are supplied with two different heat (activation) pads: Red Pad - Deep and intense heat for pain relief and faster mobility / White Pad - Milder heat for sustained use.
Fireactiv® back support helps with and is used for:
  • Reducing inflammation in acute back injuries
  • Easing muscular spasm in the lower back
  • Stabilising movements during sports or occupational activities
  • Sciatic pain
  • Period pain
The Fireactiv® back Ssupport is a variable compression device with 2 stage deep heat therapy. Designed to help reduce unwanted or excessive movements at the lower back, it’s ideal for people suffering from chronic back ache due to repetitive sporting or occupational activities. 
Deep heat therapy increases local blood circulation, helping with healing and tissue repair whilst warming aching muscles. The variable compression support has dual secure Velcro-closure tensioning straps to ensure a close, comfortable fit. The back support is also supplied with heat pads for the stomach area making it ideal for stomach strains and cramps.
Available in sizes:
Small - 20"-30"
Medium - 26" - 32"
Large - 32" - 38"
Extra Large - 38" - 44"