Hearing Aid - Mini Ear

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Hearing Aid - Mini Ear

Hearing Aid - Mini Ear

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£17.26 Including VAT
  • Manufacturer
  • AMC
  • Model
  • JH-906A


You’ll be amazed at the Mini Ear hearing aid.

Unlike many other hearing devices that are worn behind the ear, the Mini Ear fits discreetly and comfortable intoyour ear. And because everyone’s ears are different, it is provided with three different ear size tips to make sure it fits as comfortably as possible. You’ll forget it’s even there!

Imagine being able to hear every sound again! Confusing conversations, missed dialogue on TV or radio – will become nothing but memories as the Super Mini Ear makes everything crystal clear.

Supplied with two batteries, its own integral volume control, and a practical carry case. 

The Mini Ear is slightly larger than the Super Mini Ear.