Hoist Weighing Scales

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Hoist Weighing Scales

Hoist Weighing Scales

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Hoist Weighing Scales

Sometimes it’s just not possible or practical to use walk on, or even wheelchair scales. This can cause something of a problem where weighing is necessary for medical purposes, or even to monitor progress.
Thankfully, British manufacturer Marsden have made these brand new hoist weighing scales, and made them available through us, Active Mobility Centre.
Lightweight, with a sleek modern finish, this product will fit most hoists that have the ‘coat hanger’ type sling support. Of course, looks are next to useless if the product is not up to the job – but with its Body Mass Index Function and an approved ‘hold of weight' function there is no risk of that here. Simple to use, and with its own internal rechargeable battery pack capable of up to 80 hours weighing.
  • Weighs up to: 200kg (31st)
  • Height: 80mm (7")
  • Depth: 160mm (6 ¼")
  • Length (hook to hook): 640mm (25")
  • Weight:  7kg (15 ½ lb)


Optional Extras

Printer - The Marsden TP-2100 is a high resolution thermal dot printer to compatible with many Marsden medical scales, and prints date, time, weight, height and BMI.

Prints date, time, weight, height and BMI

Print-outs are high resolution and perfect for adding to a patient’s records, or for patients to take away after being weighed.

This printer is small enough to sit on a desktop adjacent to the scale.



Carry Case - Marsden CC-600 Carry Case for Marsden M-600 Hoist Weighing Attachment. Its well-padded design enables easy and safe use.