Jay J3 Backrest

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Jay J3 Backrest

Jay J3 Backrest

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J3 Backrest

The best just got better!!  A series of new improvements to the JAY J3 backrest range makes this the most versatile JAY backrest to suit all shapes, sizes and lifestyles.
JAYMount™ Hardware
designed to clamp to back cane tubing widths of 1 1/8" to 3/4 "; mount around obstacles such as towel bars, armrest receivers, and side guards; accommodate up to 2" in width adjustment; angle backward with little or no loss of seat depth; and attach and remove with minimal effort. Never deal with complicated back hardware again.
Spine-Align: Let the Back Fit the User
Fitting the back to the user not the user to the back is the goal of the Spine-Align Posture Conforming system. This is accomplished by combining a wide range of individual foam components to create unique shapes that optimise postural support, evenly distribute pressure, and maximise function. Velcro strips attach to each shape so they can be placed into hundreds of configurations. The flexibility of the system is boundless.
A Multitude of Shapes, Sizes and Widths
The J3™ Back is designed with a variety of contour depths, support heights, widths ranging from (12" to 26") and support shapes to fit almost every user. This incredible range eliminates compromises and guarantees a correct fit almost every time. The variety of options and the multi-adaptable mounting hardware options make the days of fishing through stacks of order forms obsolete. One back, one fit, one order form. It's that simple.
Multiple Hardware Options
The new JAYMount hardware release system is like no other in the market. Instead of exhausting yourself to release the back from the chair, this elegant design requires minimal effort to attach and remove.The entire process can be accomplished with one hand, even with limited dexterity.The LITE Mount hardware is ideal for the lightest weight system for a highly rigid mount. 4-Point mounting hardware is perfect to withstand more weight and force over a wider area, with the same quick release as the JAYMount.
New improvements include:
  • New Mid Deep Contour shell 
  • Improved lateral thoracic placement 
  • New black coloured covers for all J3 backrests in the range
  • Indexed marks on mounting hardware 
Technical Specifications:
  • Contour: Shallow, Mid Contour, Deep Contour, Mid Deep Contour and Posterior Deep Contour
  • Support Level: Low Thoracic, Mid Thoracic, Upper Thoracic, Shoulder High
  • Depth: 50mm, 80mm, 150mm
  • Width: 320mm / 360mm / 410mm / 460mm / 510mm
  • Height: 300mm / 340mm / 380mm
  • Cover Type:Air Exchange / Microclimatic
  • Max. User Weight:136kg
Prices start from £506.00 for more details and customisation please contact a member of our team on 01642 805050 or email: enq@activemobility.co.uk