Jay Zip Wheelchair Cushion

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Jay Zip Wheelchair Cushion

Jay Zip Wheelchair Cushion

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Designed for children, the JAY Zip features comfortable skin protection and positioning. Convenient and colourful, this wheelchair cushion has a dual-layered foam base combining both comfort, and more importantly, structural support.
The cushion's cover can be purchased in several colours, but, intriguingly has a unique property - it's fabric is impregnated with silver! This is because studies have shown that silver actually limits microbe growth. The cushion is made from the same material (X-static fabric) that's used in bandages and footwear.
To sum up; the JAY Zip is a specially designed positioning cushion for kids that is comfortable, fun, supportive and with a clinically effective protective cover.

Soft Foam Base with Varying Firmness

The Zip cushion's dual-layered foam base combines structural support and comfort. Typically, a child using an 8" wide cushion may require a slightly softer foam than a child using a 14" wide cushion. For this reason, the firmness of the Zip's foam base increases with the cushion width.



The comfortable and soft outer cover offers a unique benefit: it's antimicrobial. The X-static fabric is impregnated with silver, which studies have shown actually inhibits microbe growth. This same material is also used in bandages, hosiery, and footwear to name a few. The outer cover is black as standard, and additional spares covers in pink or blue can be purchased.


A dual layered contoured foam base, and a soft, stretchable outer cover create a very comfortable ride for kids. The 3DX spacer fabric in the outer cover also promotes air movement to prevent heat and moisture build-up


Width: 20 - 40 cm
Depth: 20 - 46 cm
Height Front: 5 cm
Height Rear: 4.5 cm
User Weight: 75 kg
Product Weight Min: 0.9 kg
Cushion Type: Dual layered contoured foam base

Please note that a black cover comes as standard with the cushion.